Complete Guide to How to Play Toto Draw SBOBET

Complete Guide to How to Play Toto Draw SBOBET

Sbobetpress as a SBOBET game agent, will provide a full article about How to Play Toto Draw SBOBET, so readers can easily understand and play this game. Toto Draw is a game that has the famous SBOBET game, and is widely played for fans of the SBOBET game. Draw Toto or called lottery is a game with balls in the form of numbers and colors. The Toto Draw game consists of 37 numbers and 4 colors, each number has its own color. To find out the color number, you can see the picture below:


The number of balls that come out in one Toto Draw round is 6 balls, and the time given in one round is 50 seconds. In the Toto Draw game there are 8 types of bets that we can choose, whether guessing numbers, big guesses, guess colors, etc. We will explain all types of bets in the Toto Draw game.

Toto Draw bet types:



  • No balls (choose colors that don’t come out) = 11
  • 1 ball = 2.50
  • 2 ball = 1.60
  • 3 ball = 3.34
  • 4 ball = 14
  • 5 ball = 100
  • 6 ball = 2,000



This bet type is to choose / guess the number of results from 6 balls, there are three choices that can be chosen, namely:

  • Hi 110 to 201 (110 to 201) = opportunity 1
  • Mid 107 to 109 (107 to 109) = odds 19
  • Lo 15 to 106 (15 to 106) = odds 1



This bet type guesses the color of the last ball that came out:

  • Blue = opportunity 35
  • Green = opportunity 2
  • Yellow = opportunity 2
  • Red = odds 2



This type of bet is to choose odd or even numbers from the number of 6 balls that come out:

  • Odd = opportunity 0.95
  • EVEN = opportunity 0.95

FINAL BALL (last ball)


This type of bet is to choose the last ball number that came out:

Final Ball (final ball) = odds 35


lotto-Toto-DrawThis type of bet is similar to playing the lottery, and multiples obtained are quite large if we can guess the number that comes out of 6 balls. There are four choices we can choose, namely:

  • 1 number = odds 4.85
  • 2 number = opportunity 41
  • 3 number = opportunity 359
  • 4 number = odds 4,000


total-Toto-DrawThis bet type is to choose a total out of 6 ball numbers, there are 4 choices in this game namely:

  • More than 132 (above 132) = odds 5
  • 108 to 132 (108 to 132) = odds 1.80
  • 84 to 107 (84 to 107) = odds 1.80
  • Below 84 (below 84) ​​odds 5


first-or-last-Toto-DrawThis bet type is to choose the value of the number of balls that come out bigger, for example below:

  • If you choose the first ball, then the value of the first ball number that comes out must be greater than the value of the last ball number that came out.
  • If you choose the last ball, then the value of the final ball number must be greater than the value of the first ball that comes out.
  • First ball = odds 0.95
  • The last ball = odds 0.95

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